*mau ngedumel dulu.. if you don’t feel comfy to read my junk, please skip this.. it’s just.. a thought*

Do you guys feel lucky?…




Well, “lucky” for me, it’s similar with “beauty”.. It is on the eyes of the beholder. You think you are lucky enough but others don’t think so. You feel lucky when you have a  family, a house, or nice rides, but people don’t think you’re lucky enough about happiness or maybe that’s all bout the prestige. Maybe  a car that you have is not the fancy ones.. Or the bag you carry isn’t that pricey.

Sounds shallow? well, sometimes that happens in life..

For me, lucky is about grateful. As long you feel grateful of everything you have, you always feel lucky. Even it’s just a penny left  in your pocket..

I met some of friends couple days ago, and when we talked bout the embarrassing incident of mine, she laughed and said to me “HAHAHAHA.. hidup lo emang kagak pernah bener!” and she said TWICE! I frowned.. What the..? Okay, was it me too sensitive or my hormones talked? Well, I don’t think that said that sentence is not that funny or meant to be.. I know, you’re joking but sorry your joke made me wanna puke!! Who are you judging me that “hidup gw gak pernah bener?” besides said that crap, better you said “kasian banget sih.. lagi sial tuh” more polite, I supposed.. That sentence is too much!! *Sama aja ngeremehin tuh namanyaaaaah..*

Kinda hurt inside but I tried to laugh. Well, maybe she means that I’m not that lucky person. Hell yeah! I am! but It doesn’t mean I’m not  grateful. Like I said, as long as I feel grateful thus I feel lucky!

So sorry.. If you’re trying to say I’m not lucky because I’m not preggie yet, we’re jobless, we don’t ride any fancy car, but it doesn’t mean we’re not stopping to feel grateful, dear..

My life isn’t plain just like milk you drink everyday. Sometimes, tasted vanilla, strawberry, even Banana! *kayak cimory tau!*

Please.. be careful next time to makes a shitty joke about another life and you stated clearly in front of their noses. You just don’t have any idea, however sometimes my life is sucks, but it’s beautiful indeed and you always find things to be grateful of.

Geez.. people can be so mean sometimes..

Lord have mercy on you!

*Haaaah.. legaaa!*