We had another casual date @ Pisa Cafe, Setiabudi’s One for our brunch.. Yes, we “maintained” my CC’s discount, 50% only for food. We ordered regular Volcano Pizza, which is not-literally-regular coz it has a big slice to eat, platter snacks, and some beverages.. Omaigosh! I was very full and it was hard to pull my ass from the couch! hahaha!

Then, we decided to go home aand, we did literally “Jalan-Jalan Sore”.. Yes, we walked and enjoyed sightseeing of quite empty road. But, on our half way, he offered me to play billiard @ Rasuna Festival (CMIIW.. ). Well, having little bit exercise is fine. So, we played one-hour games. Gosh, I was really exhausted.. Hope my fat already burned enough..

Luv u, darl..